about us


Founded in 2011, Molly's Backyard was created out of a love to create beautiful outdoor spaces. A water feature, pond or aquarium immediately elevates any space, creating a serene and tranquil ambience. We are committed to providing you with the tools you need to create a stunning water feature, care for your aquarium or plant needs - all in your very own backyard and at affordable prices.  


At Molly's Backyard, we are dedicated to provide the best customer service in the industry.

When you contact Molly's Backyard you will likely be speaking to one of the owners because our customers are at the centre of every decision we make.


Molly's Backyard supplies water pumps for use in water features, aquariums, ponds and aquiculture for both fresh water and marine aquariums. Our pumps are pivotal in creating a healthy environment for your aquatic plants, fish or other water creatures by aerating the water to increase oxygen levels and reducing contamination. 
We also provide garden lights, decorative pots and other garden ornaments to bring life and personify your landscape. 

Our page offers a convenient and customer friendly way to order, delivered to your door. You can also visit us at our warehouse in Keysborough (VIC) for in person assistance. 

Molly's Backyard also offers wholesale pricing on bulk purchases.


Our goal is to supply high performing, quality products that help you enjoy your own backyard without breaking your wallet. We are dedicated to providing affordability, convenience and outstanding customer service to all our customers.